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Bridging two realms with equal passion
(he's like that).

Call him a visual pioneer. Bruce Feagle, The Creative Monster is a powerhouse that specializes in creative services and content creation, including video and film production, that can be delivered across all media.

All in one. A singular force.

The Creative Monster is Bruce Feagle, a one man tour-de-force. His clients will testify: his work ethic and passion are exceeded only by his creative mind and immense talent. The Creative Monster delights in continually educating and empowering his clients — working in a true collaborative style — from concept through completion. Making The Creative Monster a singular creative force..

Online solutions that launch your vision.

For online solutions, his content creation converts clients’ traffic like crazy. Uniting creativity and technology, The Creative Monster is about creating content driven consumer experiences that is storytelling, with a market focus, at its best. The Creative Monster delivers the complete array of services from strategic and conceptual creative development, writing and production to video editing and post-production. From developing your brand with meaningful content to lead generation to product-specific offers for lifestyle, wellness and other segments, The Creative Monster is an all-in-one entity.

Where powerful digital content fuels the buyer’s journey.

Using video and other original content to augment inbound marketing, The Creative Monster advances the viewer’s experience as it engages, informs, and entertains. All the while taking you through the nuances of the buyer’s journey with metrics that reveal what works and what must be adapted. It’s about converting leads and compelling customers. A continuing endeavor whose evolution yields tried-and-true performance.

Entertainment: Creative mastery. Production prowess.

When it comes to entertainment products, The Creative Monster merges conceptual film ideas with practical experience and skill to deliver the highest production value. Elevating the quality of film production with the fewest dollars, we’re adept at creating the style and imagery that advance both the story and the aesthetic in a unique, compelling way.

Whether short format video, digital content, video sales letters, feature film or broadcast TV, his approach affirms that, whatever the vehicle, the magic will happen. Solving both business problems and storytelling challenges in a dynamic, actionable way elicits an emotional response and moves people. Translation: profound impact.



If you have an opportunity to work with Bruce Feagle, grab it! He brings so much skill, talent, experience and creativity to every project it is always a pleasure. Over and over he saved the day, made my day, or both. I recommend him highly.

Mandy Evans – Author / Speaker / Coach


As a marketer, I’m always looking for that extra edge on the competition. I kept seeing these other competitors rise the quality of their video production and while my copy was good, my video production was not. I was introduced by a good friend to Bruce. The moment I saw his portfolio and he shared the conversion results of his other projects, I knew I needed to test him. I’m glad I did… I’ve worked with Bruce now on about a dozen projects and have more in the queue. If you’re needing to boost your conversions from your online videos, I can’t recommend Bruce enough!

George Rivera


When it comes to, “creatives,” it is imperative that I work with someone who at the core, is just that, creative, intuitive, and a stickler for detail. I am happy to say, “I know a guy!” Bruce Feagle of Creative Monster, not only checks all the boxes but in his own right, is a blast to work with. For the past 3 years, I have used Bruce Feagle to create 90% of the VSL’s, voice-overs, and creative video content for my company, Wholetones Inc. Bruce is a consummate professional who knows exactly how to get the best out of me, every time I am in front of his camera. I promise you, from set up, to tear down, you will love working with this gifted man. I highly recommend Bruce Feagle to you, trust me, you’ll thank me later.
Michael S Tyrrell - CEO


I have worked with Bruce for over 15 years. He was our chief editor at Thane and edited dozens of hit infomercials and spots. Calling him an ‘editor’ doesn’t really describe his wealth of talents. His musical talents and technical abilities made him an invaluable asset in the production department. When I produced my first feature film, Bruce was one of the first people I hired. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a film or video project that I have produced that he has not been involved with at some level. Bruce’s cinematography work is as impressive as his editing skills!

Denise DuBarry Hay – Producer


Over the years I have worked with Bruce, I have found that he is not only an expert at his craft, but he is incredibly easy to work with, efficient and will adapt to any budget. I love that he makes my job easy which is a huge plus in this industry!

Risseth Lora - Managing Director


With his vast experience, talent and constant enthusiasm. Bruce Feagle is a marvelous collaborator whose skills as an imaginative film, TV Editor and Director of Photography get you into the promised land of professional Filmmaking. I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce on many different projects and I have never been left wanting.

Jorn Winther – Executive Producer, All My Children.


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