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Welcome to The Creative Monster

Where creativity and technology deliver Monster-big results.

The Creative Monster brings conceptual and digital ideas to life with mind-blowing originality, creativity and expertise. The boutique entity leverages its one-of-a-kind blend of production skill, online strategy, digital technology and film and video solutions to help companies like yours engage prospects, increase visibility and make sales. Ready to get started? Let’s go.


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Our work

Creative solutions that work wonders.

Check it out. See how The Creative Monster turned clients’ business challenges into creative solutions and digital strategies that work. He’ll do the same for you. In fact, he can’t wait!


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Our story

We bridge two realms with equal passion (we’re like that).

Call him a visual pioneer. The Creative Monster is a powerhouse that specializes in creative services and content creation, including video and film production, that can be delivered across all media.

Content creation falls into two main categories: first, marketing and branding, wherein he offers everything from branding and product positioning to direct sales video.

All in one. A singular force.

The Creative Monster is Bruce Feagle, a one man tour-de-force. His clients will testify: his work ethic and passion are exceeded only by his creative mind and immense talent. The Creative Monster delights in continually educating and empowering his clients — working in a true collaborative style — from concept through completion. Making The Creative Monster a singular creative force.

Online solutions that launch your vision.

For online solutions, our content creation converts clients’ traffic like crazy. Uniting creativity and technology, The Creative Monster is about creating content driven consumer experiences that is storytelling, with a market focus, at its best. The Creative Monster delivers the complete array of services from strategic and conceptual creative development, writing and production to video editing and post-production. From developing your brand with meaningful content to lead generation to product-specific offers for lifestyle, wellness and other segments, The Creative Monster is an all-in-one entity.

Where powerful digital content fuels the buyer’s journey.

Using video and other original content to augment inbound marketing, The Creative Monster advances the viewer’s experience as it engages, informs, and entertains. All the while taking you through the nuances of the buyer’s journey with metrics that reveal what works and what must be adapted. It’s about converting leads and compelling customers. A continuing endeavor whose evolution yields tried-and-true performance.

Entertainment: Creative mastery. Production prowess.

When it comes to entertainment products, The Creative Monster merges conceptual film ideas with practical experience and skill to deliver the highest production value. Elevating the quality of film production with the fewest dollars, we’re adept at creating the style and imagery that advance both the story and the aesthetic in a unique, compelling way.

Whether short format video, digital content, video sales letters, feature film or broadcast TV, our approach affirms that, whatever the vehicle, the magic will happen. Solving both business problems and storytelling challenges in a dynamic, actionable way elicits an emotional response and moves people. Translation: profound impact.



The Creative Monster

Bruce Feagle: Meet one of the industry’s brightest minds.

Bruce Feagle’s creativity defies categories. A visionary and well-known industry pro, he founded The Creative Monster as a multidisciplinary agency born of innovative thinking. A film director, producer, writer, editor, designer, strategist, audio engineer and classically trained musician, his talents can’t be contained in one or two areas.

Add to that a calm-under-fire demeanor paired with a streamlined and solution oriented approach, and you understand his success. Bruce Feagle started playing the violin at eight years old. He performed in the Fred Waring Youth Orchestra and later earned scholarships to Isomata/Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. He’s worked in capacities ranging from audio engineer, recording engineer, video and film editor to production consultant, having worked with numerous music and film legends. 

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Always, he has bridged the gap between computers, music and video. Indeed, his musical talent and ear inform his creative imagination. Call it a happy merger of left brain and right. In his spare time, Bruce enjoys photography, astronomy and astro-photography.

When he’s not looking through the lens or pondering the night sky, he’s running around with his three dogs. But his proudest achievements are his children. Max, 24, is an aerospace engineering major who has interned at NASA and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. Jay, 18, graduated valedictorian and now a freshman at Cal-Berkeley. Erin, 15, is a budding artist who loves to play music and draw.



Hear what clients have to say.

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Our services

Create content. Entertain. Launch products. Drive sales.

The Creative Monster offers the gamut of services, whatever it takes, to craft your project. We specialize in brand communications, we’ll tell people who you are and what you offer in a way that gets results and builds brands. Even more, because virtually everything is in-house, you get unrivaled economies of scale for services others need to contract out. Oh, yeah, and amazing-good integrated content and video.

Conceptual. Creative. Compelling.



Get in touch

We’d love to connect. The Creative Monster is super-friendly! Contact us by email, phone or carrier pidgeon. If you have a project in mind or just want to toss around some ideas, we’re here to help. Talk to you soon.

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